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Wednesday, 29 April 2009


the last to be asked, sob, but here it is:

What are my current obsessions?
finishing off making curtains, as have done the fun bit of creating sort of circles and have the dull bit left of sewing the circles on to material and then making the curtains themselves, all the tiresome stuff of measuring and dealing with 24’ of material. Hopefully it will be better than the frankly ghastly-sounding thing I’ve made it out to be. It resides partly still in fantasy land which is just how I like it. Reality makes me anxious.

Which item of clothing am I wearing most?
hate shopping, but a long black top bought in the Animal sale last year. God, it’s had some wear. Whenever I get a new best thing to wear, I can never work out what I used to use.

What’s for dinner?
ah, well, here I come into my own. Pasta (home made, sigh), with some sort of wholesome sauce and little brown rolls and then a couple of salads, tomato and seeds and rocket. Angels will weep.

Last thing I bought?
plants. Don’t tell Edward

What am I listening to?
the self-important huffing and puffing of the computer. Be quiet. We’ve all heard you.

What would I say to the person who inspired me to do this post?
don’t let the bugger get you down

Favourite holiday destination?
skiing. Waves imaginary pole crossly at the sky: why is it so expensive!!!

Anywhere I would like to visit before I die?
India. Not merely for the grub, though my little paw will drift to yummy platters as and when.

Reading right now?
God’s Own Country by Ross Raisin. Have just finished it and it’s great. A first novel which convinces. Toxic, short, witty, lots of white spaces and full of lovely words. Will probably follow it up with some embarrassingly trashy thriller. Me, that is, not him.

Guilty pleasure?
buying books and plants. Smuggling both in. Far-away expression on face, Oh, that’s been there for ages. That sort of thing.
And reading trashy thrillers.
And, best of all, the fantasy with the dog ... the lorry ... the slipped lead. (Had promised self not to mention the dog, and she is the only "copy" I have so should show her some respect, but who can resist??)

Best thing I ate or drank lately?
I blush to say that it was the most delicious little canapĂ© things made by, er, me for a chum’s party. An asparagus, pea and parmesan thing on little rounds of bread and an aubergine, chilli, garlic and prawn one ditto. With a glass of warm champagne in the other mitt. Yumtastic.

Care to share some wisdom?
how long have you got?
If being sensible, and perhaps a little bit American (sorry, Frances!), I suppose I’ll go for don’t tell lies and that includes being true to yourself, too.

Is there a television programme that I enjoy at the moment?
does ‘The Wire’ count? It’s on DVD as the BBC has only just started showing it.

Thing most looking forward to?
Holidays, always holidays, although what from, please don't question. But to be off with the ones I love, free from the tyranny of routine, can't wait!

Everyone else has done this one (small, bitter moue of the mouth), but for any other unloved souls out there who are kind enough to call, consider yourself tagged.


jackofall said...

Omigosh! As some Americans are wont to say. Am I the first? Well, I will be if I get my finger out and finish this comment.

I have to say I assumed, when I thought about it, that you would have been amongst the first pick on everyone's tag list, like children's team choosing - "I want Milla", "No, 'snot fair, I asked her first!"

Still and all, you've done it now, which is one more thing you've done than me (mind you, I was tagged a while ago, albeit as part of a husband/wife set).

Ivy said...

You mean you really tag me?

Pondside said...

Another layer to add to the Milla mystique, in which revelation may be obfuscation .......until the dog pops up and we know we have the real Milla, who loves the pup so much that she's front and centre.

Fennie said...

Well, I'm so glad you were tagged at last. God is in his heaven and all is right with the world. And at least you can dine out on the 'nobody tagged me story.' Funny, I'd never have taken you for a skier. Love the sound of those canapés

elizabethm said...

I want some of your canapes right now. Actually the home made pasta and salady things sound pretty yummy too. Damn it, you have made me hungry.

Preseli Mags said...

Excellent meme. You sound rather posh - skiiing, canapes, pedigree hound, champagne, home-made pasta etc. Oh how the other half do live.

Milla said...

yeah, true true, but The Wire kinda spoils it.

Sally's Chateau said...

Home made pasta ? Gone right orf you.

LittleBrownDog said...

No, no - Wire doesn't spoil it at all. Very posh and culty in my book. And for the record, I would have tagged you Milla, really I would, but somehow seem to have well and truly lost my mojo blogging-wise - no idea where it's gone, have looked everywhere. I love these little insights into peoples lives, there's always something to surprise (though funnily enough not the dog, the skiing or the canapes. Just the champagne - I always think it spoils it if it's not icy cold (well not too icy, obv...) Excellent meme. Will one day get round to doing mine, but will possibly leave out the 'dinner' question as the sort of things I cook are far too embarrassing.

Un Peu Loufoque said...

Pooh like your meeeeee me questions better than the lot I was given, taint fair!

Frances said...

Milla, your answers show me yet again your sparkling wit and authenticity.

I would love to have your enthusiasm for cooking. Every time you mention something you've prepared I just want to have been able to taste it.

May I think of you as an honorary American from now on?


Edward said...

I've tasted it all and I can attest that it's well yummy. It's why I have to do so much running.

family affairs said...

I'm sorry you're not here - Jane was talking about you - make sure you get on the next one!! Lx

ChrisH said...

Gasps in admiration! Gosh, you are a bit of Domestic Goddess really, aren't you; a bit of light (24'!!) sewing, gardening and cooking. All this and rather cultured too. Now, let Mr Rot tell us about the Bad Boy years!

ChrisH said...

Double gosh - you get a comment from Jackofall too! There's one to add to your considerable list of Stuff I Have Done.

Maddie Grigg said...

Time to do a meme? Get on with finishing your curtains!

Pipany said...

Worth the wait Milla and am now hungry (as ever) thanks to the mention of pasta, etc. Pics of curtains at some point please x

Carol and Chris said...

I am now slightly in awe of your culinary skills!!

I really enjoyed reading this meme...it was worth the wait!!

C x

Pamela Terry and Edward said...

Ah yes, books and plants. I have smuggled some of those in on occasion.

Cait O'Connor said...

You did a grand job Milla and I love the quote!


Warm champagne?? I'm with LBD on that one - or do you intend that it is only warm because you have had your sticky hot little paw round it for so long? Yes, I think that must be the answer.

Good to get a bit more insight into the Milla. Now I CAN see you as a skier, but not necessarily a curtain maker - partly because I shy away in horror at the very IDEA of soft furnishings. Would you like to pop up and make a few curtains for my pad when you've finished? I haven't changed them since we moved in and I didn't like any of them then. Actually, I tell a lie. I've changed one pair. Or rather John Lewis did. At vast expense. Rip off rip off. The thick lining (required in these parts) doubled the wretched price..humph.

I indeed am a particularly unloved soul. Not only have I not been PROPERLY tagged (though I appreciate the efforts that you and Un Peu have made to make us sorry ones feel included in the party) but my daughter's godmother (familyaffairs) hasn't bothered to visit MY blog and tell me she wants me on the next blog freebie...Weep weep sniff. Any chance of some warm champagne to brighten my day? Any port in a storm and all that!

Have a great bank holiday, free from routine for 24 hours extra.

DJ Kirkby said...

I must be one of the unwashed as I have not done this meme yet. One lazy Sunday this month it will be up on my blog.

Irish Eyes said...

Cruel beast! Thought we were friends and there you go and make me STARVING!!!!!!!!!!!! with all that delicious food, back to your curtains woman! Loved it; but...could Mr Rot be a teensey weensey iddle bit biased?

Exmoorjane said...

Oh for pity's sake woman - I ALWAYS tag you first normally and thought it was getting a bit tired and should share it round a bit...and assumed you'd be snaffled up in an instant. You'd love Family Affairs - same caustic wit....

Anonymous said...

Are you still making those curtains?!?! What's it been now? 6 weeks? And stop picking on that poor dog!