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Tuesday, 20 October 2009

Diatribe to Autumn: how do I loathe thee?

Not here, silly, but here:


Jennysmith said...

Hi sweetie, thought it better to comment on here. What a super site that is. amazing, have never heard of it before.

M, you break my heart! Autumn is so fantastic. Most of my happy childhood memories are of autumn and even today I love to look at the brown leaves and the dusky light.

Sob! How could you! Got to smoke a fag now 'cos of you xxxx

Fred said...

Brilliant, as always. Have left comment over there.

Carol said...

Your not going to like me much for saying this so I apologise in advance but....this is the first Autumn I've seen in three years (we moved to Thailand Sept 2006) and I am loving the cold (Yes, I am aware that these words will probably come back and bite me!!), the open log fire and the gorgeous colours of the leaves....Thailand has no seasons (well, it does...hot, very hot and very hot and very wet) so it's nice to have some variation *sneaks off before being pelted with conkers*

C x

Anonymous said...

Good article. Fred is right - you should be published. Maybe a column in a sunday paper or something like that.
but lets get down to brass tacks. I read the story about Looly from 2008 in the "You may also like" section. I like the look of Lolly. She looks like the dog my ex wife gave me as a birthday present but insisted on keeping when we divorced. I did lock the pair of the in the car boot and it turned out the dog did love me more than my wife. However, to my point. My dog looked like yours except smaller. I used to take him for a walk and he would back his bum up against a tree and crap on the tree. I am all for picking up dog poop but seeing a dog turd stuck to the bark of a tree, about 1 foot from the ground, is a work of art. So I used to leave it there. He used to look up at me like he was pleasd as punch that his little party trick was so perfected. I wonder if he is related to Lolly?

Pipany said...

Now Milla, I am not dim nor making the best of things. I genuinely do love autumn BUT I loathe wet, rainy autumn. My autumn is chilly with brilliant sun, does indeed have log fires and bonfires, delicious 'warmer' type drinks such a Madeira and sloe gin (not together) and hearty stews. My autumn is just lovely thank you just so long as the rain keeps away. And therein lies the problem - I live in Cornwall: land of rain and wet. Ah well, I can dream.
P.S. IYou sound just like me moaning on about winter. BNow there's a season to struggle with - February, dear god! x

PPs. Word veri thing is 'dillytim'; is this a word and if not, why not?

Fran Hill said...

You're a very funny writer. I enjoyed your piece a lot.

muddyboots said...

l quiet like autumn, its just the wind and rain l don't much care for

Fennie said...

I've commented over on the other place and no can't be fagged to go and copy the comment - and a good one too. Goodness but how you mnake us work Milla. Still, a brilliant piece of writing. Wish you'd send your stuff to Times2.

her at home said...

Spiders do not mean you do not have damp they mean you do not have death watch beetle,I should know we have enough damp in Brittany to launch a fleet of sardien trawler son. Go and beat your neighbour with hockey stick for giving bad advise! At least will take your mind of fallnig elaevs and gloom.

ps the word verification fo this was crucapsi which I think probably means soethign horrid, a foot rot brought on by bad autumn weather perhaps?

Friko said...

Have commented over the page.
Gee, how you suffer.
Great site over the page, might join up myself.

Maddie Grigg said...

Nice writing, but you're wrong, wrong, wrong. I must be completely dim because I love autumn. So much to look forward to - Aga on, cosy log fires, fireworks, supper with friends, new starts at school, new television schedules. And the best bit? Christmas around the corner. There, I said it.

Jennysmith said...

Bless you Milla, I've just seen your comment on my penultimate post. Thank you for doing that. I would love to join it.

My posts are quite short tho' but I'm sure I can fix that one

will keep you posted (!) xxxx

Arcadian Advocate said...

Oh dear that bad eh? Poor you!
When actually we have probably had the best autumn of my life..if you discount that Jethro actually wants rain for his crops and his grass.

Well the days seem to be whizzing, I saw a mince pie this monring in the supermarket and thought of you!! Such is the power of your words..
keep it up
A a x

Pig in the Kitchen said...

how is the weather now Milla? It's gorgeous and sunny here, autumn to perfection. I even made my sloe gin this week. I also noticed a specific spider-killing spray in the garden centre, maybe you should look for one of those?!

Bluestocking Mum said...

What a fab blog (as always.)
I love Autumn. But even I know what you mean about spiders - there are some beasts who have found the warmth of our barn.

I'm going to completely ditto Fennie and suggest Times 2 - do it Milla. Just go for it. Look what Fran's commented - and she's an English teacher!

Bluestocking Mum said...

Sorry I forgot to say, I'm going back to suss out this powder room place - never seen it before.

CAMILLA said...

Hi Milla.!

Have been wondering where you are, hope all is well..... great post Milla, moi, lover of Autumn, sorry honey, quickly ducks.....yes as Fennie says, you must submit your writing to The Times, they would snap it up.!


Anonymous said...

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